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Is the European Union banning American travelers?

European Union is planning to open its border from 1 July after it has succeeded in curbing the spread of the virus. It is listing the countries from which travelers can not visit the EU and America happen to be on the draft list which was reviewed by The New York Times.

Why is European Union planning to ban American travelers? How will America react to this decision of EU? and will all the members of the bloc follow the EU’s decision?

European Union opening broders

Novel coronavirus has forced the entire world to come to a stop in the past few months. The world economy along with the individual nation’s economy has been going through a sharp recession. The global medical emergency has put most of the world in a lockdown.

Most of the countries have locked their borders prohibiting travelers from other countries entering their borders. Curbing borders cause a huge loss for the county’s economy.

Now when the intensity of the spread of the virus is diminishing, many countries are reopening their economies for reducing their losses. Countries under the European Union have already reopened their borders for European countries. Now, they are planning to reopen the border for the entire world except for a few countries.

American’s not allowed to visit the European Union

The draft list of non-allowed countries was released by the EU and has been reviewed by The New York Times; and astonishingly America is on the list. EU is planning to not let American travelers from entering in any of the countries in the bloc.

Along with America, people from several other countries which include Brazil and Russia are not allowed to visit any of the countries in the bloc. The list of non-allowed countries is based on the progress that countries have made in dealing with the virus. Not letting Americans into the EU is a stain on America’s prestige at the global level.

The current two draft lists by the European Union of allowed visitors include countries like Uganda, Cuba, Vietnam, and China; in a nutshell where the spread of the virus is low. Whereas the countries which have failed in controlling the virus are not allowed because they might risk the EU’s people.

How is America and the EU dealing with the pandemic situation?

The United States has about 2.4 million confirmed cases of coronavirus on Thursday, 25 June. America has the highest number of corona positive cases in the world followed by Brazil. The current death toll of America due to COVID-19 in 1,24,828 and is increasing every hour. This huge number of cases in America shows how badly global health emergency in America has been handled.

The countries in the European Union have succeeded in containing the spread of the virus to some extent. Even though the UK stands at 5th position for the highest number of cases in the world; but it is believed that the peak of pandemic in the EU has passed and now the curve is in a downfall.

When the EU’s corona curve is in a downfall, it want to keep its public safety. Letting travelers from countries, with intense increments in cases on daily bases would, without a shadow of a doubt increase the chances of a new peak for coronavirus cases in the EU.

Shifting Pattern

The European Union’s decision shows how the pattern of the pandemic is shifting. In the month of March, the United States did exactly what the EU is planning to do today. In March, the EU was the epicenter of pandemic and at that time the total number of cases in the US was just more than a thousand.

President Trump banned people from European countries from visiting The US; saying it is totally for controlling the number of cases in the country. This might have infuriated the European officials and now when the tables have turned The EU is doing the same, according to The New York Times.

Thousands of Americans visit the European continent every single year; for tourism, study, and business, Both the US and the EU share a deep economic bond. Restricting them to enter the continent might lead to ramification between the two.

The European Union says that banning has nothing to do with politics and the decision is just to keep its citizens safe. America would be added back to the list based on the progress country makes in tackling the pandemic situation; as the list will be revised every two weeks.

What is the European Union’s final decision?

After the final list will be passed it will most likely be announced by the end of June; and the new rules would be in power for 1st July. Since the European Union cannot force its decision on all the 27 members; but it has said clearly that if anyone didn’t accept the term than they might be excluded from the union.

Most of the European countries are willing to start their tourism not only for the bloc but for the entire world; so that the tourism industry and airlines thrive. Whereas a few of the bloc have already opened. On the other hand, a few of the countries of the bloc are not ready for tourists at all, like Denmark.

Many countries in the bloc want the border to be open for everyone. Countries that have a high number of corona cases like the United States Brazil, etc might be included in the list if they succeed in containing the virus.

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