Thursday, August 13, 2020


In this modern world, “A Muslim” is the worst person you can be in the eyes of most people. Why is that and is it how it should be? – are questions most of us know very little about.

So, here we will discuss whether or not we should stop targetting Muslims and focus our efforts on a particular group of people called “Extremists.”

Who are terrorists, basically?

Well, terrorists do not belong to a specific group, religion, race, or country. They are just a radical group of people with extremist personalities pertaining to different credits.

So, associating Islam, Christianity, or any other religion with them is unethical as well as unwise because it will only create conflicts and further escalate the tense situation.

If you want to eradicate terrorism, you must annihilate extremism.

Extremist behaviors are a part of human psychology and are directly influenced by surrounding factors such as the social environment.

For example, if you live in a society where Christians hate Muslims just because they do not belong to the same religion, the Muslims will stand against Christians.

This in some other scenario is also called Racism which is the biggest reason behind Terrorism.

In the modern world, the fastest way to create terrorists is by feeding people’s minds with Racism and Extremism. Literally, the more you promote racism, the more extremist people will be and it will not be long before you see suicide bombings and urban assaults.

Now, what if Muslims are really terrorists?

There are about 45 Muslim countries in the world. These countries currently hold 24.1 percent of the world’s total population. We are talking about 1.8 billion Muslims and they occupy more than half of the world.

If Muslims were really terrorists, the most viable options for them would be an all-out war.

Muslims hold almost all of the military-strategic points and important trade routes all over the world. They also have easy access to all major sea routes and some of them even have nuclear weaponry. In short, it would not be difficult for Muslims to take over the world in a few years or make their presence felt.

But that has not happened, has it?

The reason the world’s at peace is that Islam is a very considerate and practical religion. It promotes dialogue instead of conflict and unity instead of chaos which makes its TRUE FOLLOWERS highly unlikely to have extremist behaviors.

Moreover, if all the Muslims turned against other nations, the result would simply be “catastrophic” and we could even lose the world we would be fighting for, period.

The term “Jihad”…

There are so many misconceptions about this word. In not only non-Muslims but also the majority of the Muslims do not know what it REALLY means.

Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means struggling.

In a literary sense, it would mean fighting for a commendable aim such as for the Continuance of Religion, Defense of the Homeland, or even Studying.

By no means possible, does Jihad means taking arms against innocent citizens or any other similar scenario.

This brings us to our next topic.

The “Muslims” who call terrorism Jihad!

First off, they are not Muslims or at-least they are not acting on behalf of the Muslims and obviously not Islam.

If you use Allah’s name for personal gain and interests, you commit the first major sin called “Shirk” in Islam. This is because you are associating yourself and disguising others into a false belief.

Second, as soon as you take an innocent life, you commit the second major sin called “Murder” and this should be sufficient to remove the “Muslim” tag from your name. YES, THAT IS TRUE!

If it still isn’t enough, you are probably acting against the Muslim Government and without a recognized “Fatwa” – which is like a legal warrant issued by Public Recognized Islamic Ulama.

Thus, people who are under the banner of jihad that is NOT officially declared by a Muslim State or a fatwa from the Ulama are NOT acting on behalf of the Muslims and are the REAL TERRORISTS you were talking about.

How can we stop Terrorism?

Well, the first step for that would be to stop holding each other responsible.

Next, we should be able to focus on the real reasons behind terrorism and identify terrorist groups. Long after we battle the real terrorists all over the world, we will have peace.

But eradicating extremism should be the biggest of our concerns as it is the seed for terrorism and as long as it breathes in this world, terrorism is not going away.

The best way to stop extremism is through proper guidance and mental training of the general public. Improving relations with neighboring countries and improving the literacy rate can further improve the situation.


Fortunately, the terrorism wave that had consumed the lives of millions of people and lasted nearly two decades is finally declining. Thanks to better world leaders and most people returning to their true faith, it is not long that we solve the terrorist issue.

But for how long, we really don’t know.

The best we can do is to stand together against injustice and fight together to free the world of negative and brutal aspects like terrorism. Most of all, we should not target a specific group and call them terrorists. It is not compliant with our humane standards.

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