Wildfires can have devastating effects on the ecosystem. Did you know that 2020 has experienced the deadliest disaster to inhabitation in the wild due to wildfires? Unfortunately, while the world is struggling to put up with the health crisis, the world should be woke for wildfires- the new slayer in the wild. In 2020, wildfires have been seen to break out across different regions of the world. As a matter of fact, the Americas, Australia, Asia, and Africa have had to battle the raging wildfires this year.  Shockingly, some like the mystical Amazon rainforest, have barely cooled off.

What are wildfires?

In a nutshell, wildfires are fires that start in grasslands, bushes, or forests, and as they grow, they spread out to larger areas becoming highly uncontrollable. Geologists also refer to them as forest fires or wildland fires.

Whenever they occur, Wildfires put danger to the community as they change the ecosystem by killing flora and fauna. Bush fires are also responsible for the extinction of certain forest species, fill the air with smoke and debris from the fire making it hard to breathe an on reaching people’s settlement they destroy property and sometimes deaths. Most important, forests are a major impact on global climate; forest fires are a contributing factor to the ongoing global climate changes

The ability to control or contain a wildfire depends on what fire experts call elements of a fire triangle (fuel, oxygen, and heat). Forest fires thrive on these elements and supporting environmental conditions such as winds, dry atmosphere. Firefighters manage forest fires by disrupting and or eliminating one or all of the elements of a fire triangle; the heat can be eliminated by water, oxygen by dirt.

Types of wildfires

8Crown wildfire or canopy wildfires

These fires burn the whole length of the forest trees from the trunk all the way up the canopy. These are dangerous since they are easily spread by wind and can change the direction of burning at any time. Canopy fires are often difficult to contain since they can jump from one tree or forest to another. They leave most damage in the forest as they burn everything on their way.