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During summer many people like to hike. It is really wonderful to spend time close to nature, especially if you live in a bustling city. Planning such activities every tourist should care about safety during the whole trip. That is why you need to have all necessary things for every case. We offer you to take a look at the 4 main things, which will be useful nowadays for survival in the wild.

1. A knife Morakniv Companion Knife As you know, a knife in the wild nature is a must. There are a lot of various items in the market, but Morakniv Companion Knife is easy to use and it is made from the qualitative steel.

2. A shovel M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel This is a multifunctional shovel that will be useful for every traveller. It can not only dig, but also chop and saw.

3. A spear Zubin Axe Complete Kit, Survival Staff A spear is the first necessary thing of you stay close to nature for some period of time. With help of the spear, you can hunt or fish or even protect yourself. Zubin Axe Complete Kit is a complex of the different nozzles for a spear, which you can use for the various aims.

4. A bow Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow Such a hunting device will be very useful in the wild. This bow is developed for the hunting of different animals in the temperate latitudes.

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