Some reasons to laugh more often

What to do if you want to change everything?

4 weeks that will change your life


Week 1. Cleanse the body and consciousness 1. Early rise, around 6 am. Immediately there is time for yourself, which is never enough during the day. This is the ideal time for morning practices, for adjusting the body to live that day 100%. Laziness, unwillingness to get up early is not an indicator of fatigue.

2. Light meals We need a colossal amount of energy for the coming changes. You can choose the type of food that you feel is right. Portions - reduce, and do not gorge on before going to bed. In the rest - listen to your body or dietician.

3. Sports. The tone and health of the physical body is a prerequisite for spiritual health. And movement, as you know, is life.

Week 2. Cleaning the space, business and environment 1. Cleaning the space. We throw out everything! We put order in all corners, on all tables, in all cupboards, in all places. Think - every thing in your house takes not only a piece of space, but a piece of your energy. Leave only really useful and necessary things, things that please you, which inspire, which you love. 2. Cleaning the environment. End all the relationships that pull you back, plunge into depression. Refuse to communicate with those who always criticize and forever displeased with everything. With those with whom there is nothing in common. With those who have nothing to learn. And learn to leave, learn to say "no."

Week 3. Plans, goals and dreams 1. Record and execute plans. At us the list of affairs from the previous week just remained. How is it to you? Does it cause joy, enthusiasm and a desire to roll up your sleeves immediately? If not, it may be worth deleting a few more points from it. Or - execute them, and then delete them. In both cases, you will find a surge of strength and desire to live.

Week 4. Extend the boundaries 1. Leave the comfort zone. Are you not good for height? Go to jump with a parachute. Afraid of the boss - go to the chief with fresh suggestions. 2. To have a rest. But it must be rest outside, without connection to the Internet, and always alone.

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