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Sometimes we notice that our home needs some changes in the interior. If you like to create something by your own, then this information is for you. You can easily refresh your interior without superfluous costs. We prepare five interesting ideas, which will be useful for you.

1. Refresh your old furniture With time most pieces of furniture become old and lose its previous form. Everything you need is stencil, paints or lacquer, brushes and of course your fantasy and wish. There are some ideas for refreshing the design of your old furniture.

Restoration of the old chest of drawers by replacement of knobs and handmade painting.

Painting of the old bedside table and decoration with metallic drawing-pin. Afterwards, we get an original piece of furniture decorated in Moroccan style.

Such a way you can create more refined things for your home.

If you are not good enough at the painting, then you can easily refresh your furniture with help of gummed tape. It has various colours and textures. Afterwards, you will get the main decoration of your house instead of an ordinary piece of furniture.

2. Make a stylish carpet You can make a beautiful carpet by yourself. All you need are fabric or old carpet, stencils, paints and brushes. There is a goldish carpet with painted zebra. There were used pens Krylon to make such a gold painting. But you can use simple paints for fabric. To make a stencil you can copy the pattern or just print it. Fasten your stencil on the fabric, outline the pattern and then just colour it with pens or paints.

Here a man used old white carpet, gammed type and paints for fabric. As a result, he got a stylish interesting carpet.

As a stencil, you can use everything you have at home. For example rubber carpet for the bathroom.

3. Whimsical “marble” handmade things You can decorate your home things using various polishes. As a result, you will get the beautiful thing with the marble effect. To do it you will need several polishes different tints, gauzy polish, plastic plate, thin gammed type and toothpicks. Such a way you can decorate crockery, flowerpots or other hard things.

4. Refresh you textile decoration An easy way to have a bright colourful interior and to raise the mood is to change a decoration of cushions and hassocks. If you have a sewing-machine, you can easily do it yourself. Just choose a colourful fabric.

If you do not have a sewing-machine, you can paint your old covers such a way like a carpet (see above).

5. Turn your photos into wall decoration If you make these decorations such a way, it will look like more incredible, than just to hang your photos in frames. You will need a thick mat (it can be foam plastic), printed photo of the needed size, scissors and glue or gummed type.

You can also use gel medium and a canvas to make a vintage photo. Put a few gel on your printed photo, press it to the canvas. From time to time sprinkle it with water, then carefully take off the rest of paper.

We hope that all our ideas will be useful for you and you can easily refresh your home![]=ideas%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=interior%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined&term_meta[]=diy%7Cautocomplete%7Cundefined

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