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5 reasons to learn French


It is widely believed that French people love their country and culture and, therefore, really appreciate when you talk in French to them. In fact there are many other reasons to learn French.

1. You can travel within France without difficulties

You may have heard that not many people in France speak English. First of all, they live in France and speak their native language (that’s what they often say). Secondly, if you are planning to visit small cities don’t expect to hear a word in English from locals. However, a big advantage is that speaking French will allow you to travel to Morocco, Tunis and Algeria too. Moreover, you will be able to book any hotel you like (there is a big problem with small ones).

2. You will easily order food in the restaurant

If exploring another culture means trying their cuisine for you then you will feel more confident when knowing what that weird words in French mean. If you are eager to try authentic dishes in family-owned restaurants you must learn French. All those restaurants with menu in English, Turkish, Russian and so on won’t give you the right impression about French food. There more you understand the bigger your choice is.

3. Read and watch in French

It is a wide known fact that books and movies lose their identity when translated. In case of French literature and cinematograph things are even worse. First of all, French is all about sound. Secondly, the mood of the story loses its individuality and you may find it not that impressive as you were supposed to.

4. Wander the market

5. Feel that life is beautiful with French

French people have very healthy attitude to life - happiness for them is not associated with a bunch of money, career growth or having loving family. In France, you can be a 50-year-old waiter and a respected member of society. And with retirement, life does not end - older people live the same life as young do, but with in a different rhythm. The ability to enjoy small everyday pleasures creates a special atmosphere of general relaxation and complacency.

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