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Time is the most needed source of our community. We live in the bustling cities and always hurry up somewhere. Everybody noticed at least once that sometimes it is not enough time to do all the daily tasks. Each person wants to get a successful career, to pay attention to the family, to go to the gym or do some interesting hobby. But where to take so much time for this? Maybe you should just a little bit correct your daily schedule and make several major rules for yourself. If you want to create your own schedule for a productive day without hurry, then we have the useful pieces of advice for you.

1. Divide your goals into small ones. Make 3 main goals for a day and divide them into several small ones. The small aims you may correct during the day, but the main goals you should accomplish obligatorily. It is easier to make small tasks with the breaks.

2. Make To Do lists You should have a notebook or a corresponding program with a calendar on your smartphone. Define the deadlines for yourself. Make the lists of the tasks for the concrete dates and you will finish them all without any doubts. Just do not forget to delete the items you have already done.

3. Begin your day with the hardest task According to the experts, our brain is the most active in the next 3 hours after awakening. So try to do the hardest task in the morning after a cup of coffee, and only then start to do easier ones. Doing such a way you will accomplish all your important tasks quicker and more productive.

4. No smartphone in the bedroom. After a hard working day, our organism needs rest. We should sleep tight to feel energetic next day. The smartphones can prevent us to have a healthy sleep, because of various notifications. Also, most of us get used to checking the mail still being in bed in the morning. It takes circa 15 minutes that leads to delays. If you want to come to the office in time, try not to use your smartphone at least until breakfast.

5. Reply your emails quickly, but not instantly You should choose a definite limit of time to check your emails. It will be better if you pick out an afternoon and evening. It can be half an hour for every daily part. Such a choice will help you to concentrate better on your tasks and not digress once again.

We hope that our pieces of advice were useful for you and now you are inspired to make your day easier and life more comfortable.

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