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There are two types of tourists: those who prefer to lie under the sun on the beach and those, who like rather to walk around the city and visit all places of interest. However, also the third category exist. These are those people, who hunt for the thrill. Thus, we want to show you the most dangerous and exciting routes for fans of adrenaline. Death Walk (China)

It is the most dangerous path in the world based on the Huashan Mountain in China. The Death Walk is made of the narrow boards hovering above the chasm. The walk is without any rail and enclosures.

Troll Wall, Norway

This place will be perfect for BASE jumping fans. According to the legend, all these mountains are transformed trolls that lived here ages ago. Troll Wall is the most difficult place for BASE jumping because of 50 m high overhangs. Glass Walk, China

This a place, where the “Avatar” was shot. So if you are a fan of this film and thrill, you can unforgettable experience. Glass Walk is the highest and the longest walking bridge in the world. Its height is 300 m and length is 430 m. The bridge puts 2 mountain cliffs together in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Kjerag, Norway

Most of the tourists come here not only to admire the beautiful landscape of Lysefjord but also to see the famous boulder Kjeragbolten with their own eye. You can easily reach this place without any climbing equipment, but keep in mind that the height of the chasm under the boulder is 1100 m. Edge Walk, Canada

Everyone can walk along the edge of the CN Tower in Toronto. The height of the tower is 356 m. The visitors walk with the safety net for sure, but they have an opportunity to peek down during the walk.

El Caminito del Rey, Spain

This walkway is located near the waterfall of El Chorro in the province of Málaga, Spain. The walkway is 3 km long and 1m wide. Some people choose the parts of El Caminito del Rey, which are without rail. They use only safety nets for getting more thrills.

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