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There is at least one sculpture or monument in every city. But mostly these monuments are devoted to the historical events or famous personalities that is not interesting much. Nowadays modern artists create really incredible things. We prepare for you 7 sculptures that will really amaze your imagination! 1. Diamonds (Australia)

New Zealand sculptor Neil Dawson created this sculpture. You cannot go by without trying to understand the way by which this creation can levitate. The answer is simple: Neil fastens to his sculptures thin metal ropes, which are practically imperceptible. By the way, the photo with “Diamonds” is not upturned. 2. Ali and Nino (Georgia)

This gorgeous sculpture is devoted to the love story of two characters from the novel “Ali and Nino”. It is located in Batumi and was created by the famous Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze. The figures are in entire motion – at first towards and then every which way. 3. Balancing sculpture (UAE)

This miracle sculpture is based in Dubai and made by polish sculptor Jerzy Kedziora. The creation is not dependent on the laws of physics. It is really a riddle why the sculpture does not overturn under the influence of its weight. 4. Wonderland (Canada)

This incredible creation by Jaume Palenca you can see in Calgary in Canada. But you should go inside the sculpture to see the wonderful world, invented by the sculptor. From the outside, it is only 12-meter high wire construction, which looks like a head. 5. Diminish and Ascend (Australia)

The author of the mysterious staircase is David McCracken. This sculpture is based in Sydney and has a secret. If you take a look at it, you will seem that this staircase is endless. The secret is that every next step is smaller. 6. Features of Gravity for the Elephant (France)

It is a travelling sculpture by Daniel Firman. Now you can see it in the Paris Castle of Fontainebleau. This creation is devoted to the author’s theory about that fact that an elephant can balance on its own trunk at a height of 18 thousand km above ground level. 7. Expansion (USA)

The sculpture of American artist Page Bradley is located in New York and devoted to the trying to exceed the limits. The author believes that everyone has the own light inside. People just need to be brave to show this inner light to each other.

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