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8 Things That You Should Not Do in the Plane


A flight is always a stressful situation for our organism. Those things that seem absolutely normal on the ground can turn into an unpleasant surprise in the air. So, we decide to tell you what things should not be done in the plane for having a good comfortable flight. 1. To put on the contact lenses.

The contact lenses make the eyes dry and dry air in the plane only aggravate this effect. That is why during a long flight it will be better to put on the glasses. Anyway, in both cases, you will need eye drops. 2. To stop stuffy ears with the fingers.

Our ears become blocked during the take-off and landing because of the sharp pressure differential. The first impetus of the most people is to stop the ears. However, it does not work. To scale the discomfort back you can by the following ways: • To do gulps. You can use chewing gum, candy or water for it. • To open and close your mouth from time to time. 3. To take a flight with the blocked nose.

If your nose is blocked, during the flight, the load on ears increases and it can lead to the injuries. For sure, you should not refuse of the journey because of the cold. In that case, you should drop your nose before the take-off and landing. 4. To sit motionlessly.

During the flight, blood circulation of our organism becomes slower and because of the sitting position, blood accumulates in the legs. It increases the risk of thrombosis. To avoid it, try to do the following things: • If it is possible, try to walk along the aircraft cabin. • Choose the comfortable clothes. • Take your shoes off during the flight. • In case of the problems with the blood circulation, take compression tights or stockings with you. 5. To drink the carbonated beverages.

Another circumstance of the pressure differentials is elevated gases that make a lot of discomforts. The carbonated beverages provoke it, so you should refuse of such drinks during the flight. 6. To take a sit in the back rows of the plane, if you suffer from travel sickness.

Everybody knows the rule: if you suffer from travel sickness, you should not take a sit in the back rows. This rule works for the plane too. That is why, to avoid the unpleasant feeling, choose the sits in the front rows or near the wing. 7. Do not to abuse the alcohol.

The air inside the plane is dry and alcohol strengthens the dehydration. Besides, the alcohol worsens the oxygen saturation of blood. In the conditions of the low level of the oxygen concentration inside the plane, it can lead to the sleepiness and sluggishness. So, it will be better to refuse of the alcohol during the flight at all. 8. To touch surrounding things without extra need.

As a plane is a public transportation, there are many different people every day inside the aircraft cabin. Considering that sanitization does not take place after each flight, there are also a lot of bacteria inside the plane. So, to avoid infections and contaminations, it will be better if you do not touch the things without extra need.

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