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A 96-year-old housewife applied to the real estate agency. She wanted to sell her house. When a realtor looked at the plain front of her house, he thought that it was an ordinary boring house with an unpretentious interior of the old people.

Here is the thing that a citizen of Toronto (Canada) being in advanced age decided to move to a retirement home. But first of all the granny needed to sell her house. The realtor came down to bedrock with the huge reluctance. But when the man entered the granny’s house he lost his voice. There was a stylish interior of the 1950-1960’s in that house. This interior has not been changed for 72 years since 1945. This house looked like it was frozen inside all this time.

The 96-year-old owner took up her residence here in 1942. She was a seamstress and decorated the house according to her own taste. The whole inner decoration is very detailed and performed in pastel tints. Looking at all this magnificence you seem that you find yourself at the shooting of the film about events in 1950’s. The foyer is styled in baroque interior design and metallic wallpaper.

Every room is decorated in its own colour.

The real estate agency called this windfall as “a pearl hidden in a shell” and valued the house in $700 000USD.

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