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It is well-known fact that modern technologies occupy an important place in the life of everyone from us. I bet that none can imagine his/her usual day without a smartphone or computer. Machines surround us everywhere. Nowadays none will be surprised at robots or others smart devices. But have you ever thought how it was ages ago? People even did not know that, for example, a robotic vacuum cleaner can clean your house without human’s participation. But even 100 years ago people thought about creation the robots, which could do the same actions like a human.

The first smart robot was developed in 1772 by Pierre Jaquet-Droz. This smart machine was called “The Writer” and looked like a little boy. It consisted of 6000 details. This cyborg is considered as the most complicated device until nowadays. It had an ability to write any text that consists of 40 letters. In addition, it dipped the feather into the inkstand, shook it off to avoid a blot and watched the process by its eyes.

The next robot was created in 1773 and was called “The Draughtsman”. It looked like a little boy and consisted of 2000 details. He could draw 3 pictures: the portrait of Louis XV and his dog with the inscription “Mon toutou”, the portraits of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI and the scene with Cupid on the chariot.

The last representative of medieval smart robot generation is “The Musician”. It was a mechanic robot looked like a young pretty girl, which consisted of 2500 details and could play the organ. This smart doll could even breathe. It had an ability to play 5 original melodies by its own fingers, turned her head and eyes according to the rhythm and motion of the fingers.

These great robots are called “Automatons” and remained until now and can function as well as in XVIII century. Nowadays you can see these smart dolls in Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Swiss.

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