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National costumes around the world are very important part of the image of the country and culture. National costume is a way to make you known on a national scale. Each country has its own traditions, its history and its own uniqueness. And of course, each of them has its own unique national outfits.

Ushanka (Russia). The modern hat-earflap was invented in the 20th century and became a symbol of the Soviet Union, and then of Russia.

Kilt (Scotland). Who can be more fashionable, then a man in a skirt? After the kilt was outlawed in 1976, they were left as an object of national dress.

Lederhose (Germany). Leather pants are national clothes from Bavaria. They can be both short and to the knees. They wear leather suspenders and are decorated with embroidery or braid.

Babushi (Morocco). These are leather shoes without a heel. They are very popular in Morocco, come in a variety of colors and designs.

Bunad, Norway. This is a suit that is worn by both men and women. Bunad has about 200 varieties, depending on the holiday and origin.

Sombrero (Colombia). Literally translated as a "shadow". This hat is a national garment and has a striking design.

Poncho (Chile). Very simple in design, national clothes. Cloth with a hole for the head. But at the same time, no tourist leaves Chile without buying a poncho.

Kimono (Japan). Translated literally as "Clothes". Color and pattern can correspond to the political status or pros of a person.

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