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Ages ago people started to discover the Space. Those events were so important and unforgettable. It seemed that a human just did impossible things. Nowadays the flight to Space is not so significant event. Now even ordinary people can take such a flight as the tourists. In Russia, the architects developed the project of the hotel in the Space. The Russian company Orbital Technologies is going to build the first space hotel in the world. The hotel named Commercial Space Station will be brought out on the distance 350 km from the Earth. Only seven guests can stay here in the separate four cabins. The guests will be able to admire the incredible view through the portholes.

The visitors can reach the hotel and go back to the Earth by Russian rocket “Soyuz” (Union). On board of the hotel, the tourists can watch TV, use the Internet and just have calm rest without bustle and noise. By the way, every space tourist will be able to experience new impressions like zero gravitation and sleeping vertically.

As for conveniences, there will be no shower and normal food. Instead of the shower, the visitors should use the wet napkins and as a food will be used meals cooked on the Earth and exposed to the sublimation drying. There will be also no water in the toilet. The air stream will be used instead of it. The water and air will be overworked and filtered and then the visitors will use it iteratively. The alcohol will be strongly forbidden here.

The price of the five days in the hotel will be $1 000 000 USD without flights. At the present moment, Orbital Technologies is occupied with the building of the hotel.

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