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Spirituality as the New Fascism

The Worrying Trend Emerging out of the New Age Movement What is Fascism? Fascism is not confined within political gates…

3 days ago

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world is currently expecting the next wave of infection, chaos is starting to prevail. Never would have anyone…

3 days ago

The Massacre that disrupted the Afghan Peace Process

It was Tuesday, the 12th of May when 16 people were killed including two newborns. As the forces came in…

3 days ago

Will President Trump get Reelected in 2020?

A few months back, The United States’ employment rate was better than half of the previous century. People were happy.…

3 days ago

Is history repeating itself with the current pandemic?

History is often a cycle. As the centuries pass, history fades from human memory. Thus, we either learn from our…

3 days ago

Reopening schools and colleges: A wise decision?

Educational institutes in various parts of the world have been closed for a long time now. Reopening of Schools and…

3 days ago

Food Scarcity: The Pitfall Beneath Pandemic

With the world facing food scarcity, the global pandemic has once again shown the fragile food chain of the world.…

5 days ago

Alarming Rise Of Coronavirus Cases In Russia

The United States of America and Russia are again at the top of a list of coronavirus infections, but neither…

1 week ago

Good News is Afoot-Boris Johnson has “changed his mind”

Why Obesity is the New Epidemic The UK and America have the highest number of Covid related deaths in the…

1 week ago

The looming threat of a COVID-19 baby boom

International organizations are warning about a possible baby boom due to COVID-19 and restrictions on women's reproductive girls, which will…

1 week ago

Portugal’s brave stand for migrant rights

Portugal has been a considered one of the best countries to secure migrant rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was…

1 week ago

Coronavirus: Could Scotland have responded quicker?

The Scottish Government Response to Coronavirus Stop anyone in the street right now, and ask:  'What are your thoughts towards…

1 week ago

How to support a Muslim friend during Ramadan 2020

Some years back, if you asked me how I would support a Muslim friend during Ramadan, I would barely have…

1 week ago

Why Do We Still Talk about Gender Equality and Women Safety?

UN declared the decade 1975-85 for women; focusing on making policies for women's safety, gender equality and empowering. 35 years…

1 week ago

The Melancholy of Migrating Labors: India

1st May celebrated as International Labour Day, this year was celebrated at a time when about 400 million employees are…

2 weeks ago

A Guide To Surviving Ramadan 2020 Amid A Pandemic

Ramadan 2020 is one of the spiritual traditions that have been squarely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has…

2 weeks ago

Slavery in the 21st century

For many, the concept of slavery is nothing but a word to be found in history textbooks. Though for others,…

2 weeks ago

The Somali civil war

Once considered the "Switzerland of Africa", it has now become a wartorn country. After years and years of continuous wars,…

2 weeks ago

The Unfortunate Correlation between Race and Covid 19

Recent statistics have found black people to be almost four times as likely to die of Covid 19.

2 weeks ago

COVID-19: the backlash against migrants

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit migrants harder in almost every country. With borders closing, all mobility has been almost instantly…

2 weeks ago

Unforeseen Beneficiary of Lockdown: Reviving Nature

There is an incredible discovery amid global lockdown due to pandemic which has already shaken up the world. With factories…

3 weeks ago

Effects Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Ramadan 2020

Ramadan 2020 will be celebrated like no other owing to the effects of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. History have it…

3 weeks ago

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