Saturday, September 26, 2020
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How to Raise Kids As Muslim Parents

Becoming parents is a blessing, but the challenge is how you become better parents. The digital world is making things tough for...

Cleanliness in Islam

Islam cared about the individual cleanliness of every Muslim, and general hygiene in the environment and society, and called on people to...

Hajj: Is the Largest Gathering Going to Happen in 2020?

Being one of the largest gatherings on earth, Hajj is the most significant pilgrimage for Muslims all around the globe. Let's look at is this going to happen this year!

5 Life-Changing Lessons from the Quran

Your life will be changed after reading these 5 lessons from the Quran, which contains ultimate wisdom and guidance for all.

Islam Gave Women a Beautiful and Respectful Life

Do you know that many religions consider women a tool of the devil, who is responsible for every problem?

Is Islam Really a Complete Code of Life?

From personal hygiene to social life, Islam addresses almost every aspect of human life, and there is a lot to learn about. Let's have a glimpse of how it can be said as a complete code of life.

Teachings of Prophet Muhammad Regarding Pandemics

In this deadliest pandemic the Prophet Muhammad has already taught us a lot about 1400 years back. Let's learn those surprising facts.

Practical ways to fight depression in Islam

Islam plays a prominent role in mental health, even though people hardly consider it. If Muslims understand the beauty of Islam, their...

Why Humanity Should Be Thankful to Prophet Muhammad

Have you ever thought why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is being loved by the Muslims that much? Here are some of the reasons about why we should be thankful to Him.

Islamic Hygienic Practices and The Prevention of Coronavirus

Islamic lifestyle doesn't only emphasizes spiritual purity but also the cleanliness of entire body. Click to see some surprising facts about Islamic Hygieneic practics and the prevention of Coronavirus.

A Clip on the Beauty of Islam

The reputation of Islam has been unpleasant and surrounded by many negative points of view, and all the bad judgments considered a...

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