Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Trump Dismisses The Severity Of COVID-19 After Increased Testing

After yet another controversial statement from the United States President Donald Trump, many are wondering if he has a grip on the situation at all.

Iranian Nuclear Facility Significantly Damaged In A Fire

A mysterious explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility puts the whole world on its toes as Iranian officials are talking of a possible cyber attack.

The women behind #Blacklivesmatter movement

‘There is no such thing as race. None. There is just a human race - scientifically, anthropologically’ - Toni Morrison. 

Coronavirus in America-What is Happening?

Why America is having to reenter quarantine Coronavirus is spiking across the land once again, as infection rates...

Is the European Union banning American travelers?

European Union is planning to open its border from 1 July after it has succeeded in curbing the spread of the virus....

TikTok Teens Foil Tulsa Trump Rally

An organized online campaign appears to have put a dent in the plan of Donald Trump to start his re-election campaign on a high note.

Systemic Racism Is The Reason Behind America’s Unrest

The world is brewing with protests against racism in the US caused directly by the murder of George Floyd, but there is a deeper issue - systemic racism.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio Lifts Curfew

The American city that has been hit the hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic lifted the curfew on Sunday, as announced by Mayor Bill De Blasio.

The Aftermath of George Floyd

The Repercussions of George Floyd's death George Floyd’s death has been examined by two different pathology bodies.

The Death of George Floyd

The details emerging upon George Floyd's death I do not know much but I do know that leaning...

The psychology behind racism in the Americas

Not long ago, people used to associate the year “2020” with a futuristic era filled with catastrophic development for humanity’s technology as...

Minneapolis Riots After The Murder Of George Floyd

Minneapolis Riots are a direct response to the murder of George Floyd. Stores have been set on fire and looted and State police were forced to intervene.

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The Russian corona-virus vaccine

Russia is now taking the lead in the global race to find a vaccine for our current international health crisis. The COVID-19...

Massive Explosion in Beirut reveals Lebanon’s Incompetence

On 4th August 2020, known as the mini Hiroshima, a massive explosion in Beirut took everyone by shock. As Beirut still reels...

Palestinian Prisoners denied the Right of Social Distancing

The experience of being a prisoner is as common as land confiscation for Palestinians. Thousands of young boys, men, women, children are...

Amidst grief and anger: Lebanon’s current reality

After the devastating tragedy, Lebanon’s beloved capital has made the first page on many news outlets. As the gorgeous Beirut suffered, Lebanese...