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Cats in the History of Mankind


Perhaps, cats are the most lovely and mysterious pets among the domestic animal. Our fluffy pets are considered to be the members of the family. They have their own places, they definitely are independent. The very cats are those who decide who the chef in the family is.

Humphrey, it was the name of the cat, occupied his position of the main cat in the kingdom about 8 years. He was admired not only by all officials but also by the population of GB. The cat Larry was the next chief mouse catcher at Downing Street.

The role of the cats in the history of the mankind can’t be overestimated. Some cultures and nations consider cats to be a divine culture. In some societies, the people are afraid of cats. They thought to be the mysterious living beings with extreme power.

But some of the fluffy favorites have played an exceptional role in the history of the mankind. The most prominent of them was the official cat of the Prime Minister of the UK.

The cat Stabbs was chosen to be the mayor of one of the towns in Alaska.

The cat Trim is known as a cat that has discovered a new continent. Actually, he has done it with Mathew Flinders. But the very cat is immortalized in a lot of monuments

There are a lot of cases when the cat saved the lives of humans and prevented great misfortunes. For example, in New York, in one of the houses, the fire began. The owners of a cat and his were sleeping. The cat loudly shouted, and then hit the owner with paws. The man has woken up. Only thanks to the cat, the old couple stayed alive.

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