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Now the eco - trend is fashionable in the world. What can we do to keep up with the world trend?

Choose local! Every extra kilometer that will pass a tomato or cheese before you get to your table is extra fuel costs and emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, your money. Therefore, buy products from local farmers.

Clean in the house! Dust on the refrigerator increases energy costs in the same way as a vacuum cleaner that works with a filled bag. The washed windows let in 10% more sunlight. A kettle without scaling doubles the heat of water. Buy an eco-bag. You do not have to take packages at the supermarket every time you go shopping. It is better to buy a set of bags of different colors and sizes, where to pack the weighty products and add the purchases. Polyethylene bags are a threat to the earth and the ocean. Sea inhabitants are dying, entangled in them. In some places whole islands were formed from garbage.

Buy a dishwasher. When washing dishes, about 60 liters of water are used by hand. Then the dishwasher will spend 10-15. In addition, she washes the dishes at high temperature, which disinfects her.

Turn it off! Devices that are in standby mode also consume energy. Charging in sockets, microwave, TV. Turn them off completely or at night. Switch off the engine if the machine costs more than 2-3 minutes. During this time 3-4 liters of gasoline can burn.

Choose an economical mode. Wash things at high temperatures only when it is really necessary. 30 degrees is sufficient in the usual cycle.

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