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Do you like fantasy? TOP 5 of the best books


Here is a selection of the best books in the genre of fantasy, so that you can dive into the fairytale world of adventure for a moment.

«The Chronicles of Amber», Roger Zelazny The most famous in the world of fantasy series, which withstand multi-million circulations! Prince’s of Amber memory is lost, he is abandoned to one of the distant shadows of Amber in the ocean of Chaos. The locals call this shadow - Earth ... It is from here that the magical path of Prince Corwin begins through the center of the world, through the throne, through the Shadow cast by Amber in Chaos.

"Lord of the Rings", JRR Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings" by John Tolkien tells of the Great War for the Ring, about the war that lasted thousands of years. The master of the Ring gains power over all living and dead, but at the same time must serve Evil!

"The Witcher", Anzhei Sapkowski Each of the stories is a small "fragment" of the life-rich witcher Geralt, master of the sword, professional fighter of ghouls, basilisks, vampires and other evil spirits. In the course of the narration, the author opens the reader to the rich inner world of his character: his life position, his principles, his "knightly code." And his love is the passionate sorceress Jennifer.

«The Chronicles of Narnia», Clive Staples Lewis «The Chronicles of Narnia» are a series of seven children's fantasy books written by Clive Staples Lewis. They tell about the adventures of children in the world called Narnia. Narnia is a place where some animals are able to talk, magic does not surprise anyone, but good fights against evil. The Chronicles of Narnia contain many hints of Christian ideas in an accessible form for children, although they are easy to read only for the sake of adventures, bright images and myths.

"The Flat World Series," Terry Pratchett A series of books about the Flat World Terry Pratchett is a perfect example of subtle English humor, incredible adventures and charming heroes. Even Death is not an old woman with a scythe, but looking for the meaning of life, an ever-sweeping character, riding on a white horse and feeding a weakness to cats.

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