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Embroidery as a Fashionable Trend in the Modern World


To date, the embroidery is the masterpiece that changes clothes, interiors, looks, and images. In the modern world, the embroidery is of great importance that is not just a hobby of the housewives.

Pay attention to the new collections of the leading fashion designers of the world. The rare collection does without objects of clothes decorated with embroidery. Especially often it can be noticed on clothes from Gauthier

and Adeline Andrée.

Collections by Red Valentino and Delpozo are known for the active use of embroidery.

The embroidery is used to decorate not only the dresses, sweatshirts, or jackets. Nowadays it is often used to make the handbags more fashionable and unique. The bright colors accent the individuality of its possessors.

Shoes can be also decorated with embroidery elements. Such shoes look extremely stylish and elegant.

The casual clothes are also very often decorated with embroidery elements. Jeans jackets, skirts, shorts look great with embroidered flowers, geometric figures, birds, and animals.

Not only females but also males savor embroidered elements in their clothing.

The embroidery is very popular not only concerning the fashion clothes but also modern interior. The embroidered pictures and elements are very trendy nowadays. They create the special cozy atmosphere.

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