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Exciting Phenomenon: Cloud Inversion in Grand Canyon


Such a natural phenomenon occurs once in a few years. Two photographers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan cooperating with the National Geographic, BBC, Discovery and others, made the wonderful snapshots and video for the Skyglow private project. The main aim of the project was to show people how the urban light pollution influences the nature landscapes. But after coming to the Canyon the scientific expedition of the project discover another natural phenomenon – cloud inversion.

Such a phenomenon appears when the temperature of the humid air overland is lower than the temperature in the upper atmosphere. If the wind does not blow, then the clouds covered with the layer of the warm air, cannot rise to the sky and muffle up the canyon like a “blanket”.

According to the National Weather Service of the USA, such a cloud inversion appears once in a few years in Grand Canyon, but during last years this natural phenomenon appears oftener. Since 2014 the cloud inversion occurred here three times.

The photographers of the Skyglow project worked very well and could pass all the beauty of the clouds blanket covering one of the seven natural wonders Grand Canyon. You can also enjoy this breathtaking view.

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