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Ages ago, people made tunnels for the mineral extraction, tomb construction and the water supply. Nowadays, people also construct tunnels for the pragmatic goals. However, nature builds also the tunnels, but these tunnels are very beautiful and decorate natural landscapes. Now, we will tell you about the most extraordinary natural tunnels in the world. Sakura tunnel, Japan

There is a breathtaking view in the tunnel. All the flowers are gently pink and white colours and intertwine with each other. The tunnel is beautiful during both the day and night. Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

This green masterpiece is located on Bregagh Road. Because of the weather conditions, the hedge plunges often into the fog. However, this place attracts a lot of tourists and cinematographers. The road to Halnaker, Great Britain

This is the real road to the village Halnaker in Great Britain. The trees are so old that its crowns intertwined and made a tunnel here. Many photographers come here every year. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

Such a wonderful tunnel is located in Kitakyushu in the flower park Kawachi Fuji. This tunnel not only looks beautiful but also gladden with its charming odour. The wisteria blooms in April, so it the best time for visiting this place. Cherry blossom tunnel, Bonn, Germany

The cherry trees look just amazing along the street. By the way, the whole tunnel has a gentle smell. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

The tunnel is located near the village Klevan. This tunnel is wrapped with various legends about love. This place is very popular among the newlyweds.

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