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Facts about the brain


The brain is one of the most mysterious organs in the human body. Here are some interesting facts that will help to learn more about him.

The brain does not feel pain Have you ever wondered how neurosurgeons perform brain surgery without anesthesia? Just in the brain there are no pain receptors. But they are in the meninges and blood vessels. Therefore, when we experience a headache, it does not hurt the brain itself, but the surrounding tissues.

The brain works more actively when we sleep Working, the brain creates electric fields that can be measured on the surface of the scalp using the method of electroencephalography. It seems to us that during sleep the brain is turned off, but in fact it works even more actively than by day. During wakefulness, he produces alpha and beta waves, and during sleep, especially at its initial stages, theta waves. Their amplitude is greater than that of other waves. Brain cells are not only neurons One neuron has about ten glial cells. They provide neurons with access to nutrients and oxygen, separate neurons from each other, participate in metabolic processes and transmit nerve impulses.

The brain consist on the 60% of fat The brain is the organ that contains the most fat. Therefore, for his health, a diet rich in useful fats (omega-3 and omega-6) is so necessary. They strengthen the walls of brain cells, and also transfer and store fat-soluble vitamins. In addition, fats reduce inflammation and help the immune system work properly.

The memory capacity of the brain is practically unlimited It is impossible to know too much or to get so much new information that there is nowhere else to place it (although that seems to be the case after long meetings). In our brain, unlike computers and phones, the place never ends.

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