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Women of Kayan Lahvi (or Padaung) tribe from Myanmar lengthen their necks with the help of bronze rings. In the tribe of Bagobo in the Philippines people used to sharpen their teeth with a file when they reach maturity. Women of the Ethiopian Mursi tribe wear round plates in lower lip what means the larger the disc, the more attractive the woman is. Find out about the most awkward body modifications. Mursi woman demonstrating a lip disc that shows her matureness to give birth.

Left photo (1910) - a woman from Bagobo tribe (Philippines) with sharp teeth; right photo (2008) - a woman from the Baka Pygmy tribe (Central African Republic) with sharp teeth.

Tradition to sharpen teeth occurred in order to imitate animals’ jaws and frightening enemies.

Women of the Kayan Lahvi (Myanmar) begin to wear bronze rings on their necks starting from the age of five. Imagine the weight of this metal collar and how it deforms the neck!

Women of the tribe Apatani (Arunachal Pradesh, India) traditionally wore such gaps in their nostrils to become unattractive to men and reduce the likelihood of violence or abduction by men from other tribes.

Another representative of the Mursi tribe with a round plate in the lip and a headdress made of cow horns. The bigger the headdress, the higher her status in the tribe is.

This woman doesn’t wear a disc but the still the hole in the lip can be observed. Usually these discs are made of clay or wood to attract men.

On the left is an African with elongated ear lobes and pierced lip. On the right is a self-proclaimed "God-woman" with a tongue pierced by a small wooden spear at the Puram festival (Kerala, India).

On the left is cat-man Dennis Avner, also known as "Crouching Cat" (Nevada, USA, died in 2012 at the age of 54). On the right - Victor Peralta, 90% full of tattoos, shows a forked tongue (Argentina).

Visitor of the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand, in 2012. At this festival men and women prove their religiosity, taking part in ritual self-torture.

This 95-year-old woman is a representative of the last generation of Chinese women who had mutilated their feet in this way. It was a widespread tradition in the X-XX century among aristocrats in the East. People believed the more helpless the woman the higher her status was. A true aristocratic woman was supposed not to walk at all.

In the tribe of Dani (province of Papua, Indonesia), some women cut off the phalanx of the fingers when their relative dies.

On the left is an African (Abyei, Sudan) with scars on his forehead. On the right is an Ethiopian girl (South Omo) with a scar on her shoulder.

The tattooed face of the former hunter of the village of Longva (Nagaland, India). It is a village of the Cognac tribe, which was known as a tribe of headhunters by 60s of the previous century.

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