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Free of Charge Traveling – For Those Who Don't Want to Pay


Life in the constant movement can't but be interesting as well as cheap. It is necessary to pay for the constant change of places and new acquaintances. Is it possible to travel all over the world without spending a lot of money? Yes, it is!!!

All you need is your desire and ... the Internet.

Up to date, there are copious services which aim is to make your trip more comfortable and much cheaper.

Couchsurfing Perhaps, it is one of the most popular services that will help to find a room to stay all over the world. You need no money. Sometimes you should do some house chores.

Conservation Volunteers If you like nature and want to visit such countries as New Zealand and Australia, this service is just for you. They offer you exciting trip free of charge.

Help Exchange On this resource, the locals from the different countries all over the world invite to themselves the travelers who are ready to help them about the house in exchange for free housing, food, sometimes excursions or even yoga exercises.

Hitch-Hiking It is the best variant for those who do not want to pay for transportation. But this way of traveling is considered to be one of the most dangerous.

Bikes Forever If you have a bicycle, you have almost everything for the interesting and exciting trip. But you should take into account that riding a bike is not easy. So if you are ready to meet difficulties, take your bike and enjoy every moment!

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