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Constant concern for the future, misunderstanding of the purpose and meaning of life, we suffer heavily. But nevertheless we cannot get rid of this annoying feeling and every day we experience everything according to a new one. These tips will help you not to lose yourself.

Become an egoist. Imagine that you are in a world where you do not know anyone and you are told: "You have a chance to start everything from scratch. What would you like to do? ". Try to answer yourself to this question honestly and forward - to the realization of a dream, without looking at the opinions of others.

Love yourself. "The main human task is to give life to oneself, to become what it is potentially. The most important fruit of his efforts is his own personality». Erich Fromm First, love yourself as you are now, and then gradually begin to do yourself even better (both externally and internally) so that others will love you.

Do not be lazy to learn new. Even if you have not yet decided what exactly you want to do, any knowledge and skills - luggage is not heavy, but extremely useful, because you never know what from what you have already learned can be useful.

Identify the sources of your concern. You have to find that aspect of your life that prevents you from finding happiness: a boss, a low salary, an envious girlfriend, a husband / wife, etc. And as soon as you find the source of your anxiety, immediately remove it.

Identify the sources of your enjoyment. You cannot imagine your life without communication? Are you just gushing with creative ideas? Cook tasty? The source of inspiration will help you choose the ideal profession and find a job that you want to run.

Share your dream with loved ones. Just do not ask what to do, but clearly say: "I decided to continue to do this and that and that." Do not let anyone convince yourself, but listen to sensible advice. Without the help and support of close people, it is difficult enough to live. Even if you do not believe in the successful implementation of your plans - it does not matter, it is also useful: you will work twice as hard to prove to everyone that they were wrong.

Do not give up after the first failure. If every successful businessman, scientist, actor turned after the first failure, the world would consist of only losers. Per aspera ad astra!

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