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Favorite cartoons from childhood will help you learn English. Many cartoons (and especially animated series) are filmed not for the adult audience, but exclusively for the children. Their goal is to introduce the child to the world around them, so in them you will not find complex words and grammar, slang expressions, etc. Phrases of heroes are constructed simply, the basic vocabulary is used. However, note: this is typical for cartoons targeted at younger audiences. And full-length Shrek, Madagascar, etc., require at least an average level of knowledge.

Repetition of words and phrases Heroes of animated series, as a rule, have not only characteristic features, but also no less characteristic phrases, which they will repeat from series to series. Repetition is the mother of learning, so such expressions and words will quickly be put off in memory.

Different Duration If you are not a fan of operas or you do not have enough free time to watch a 2-3 hour blockbuster, pay attention to the cartoons. Most of them are stories with a length of 10 to 30 minutes, and there are even 2-minute works of animation.

WHERE TO SEE: English for Children A series of cartoons in English for beginners about the dragon Gogo. They will suit even students who are engaged at the Beginner level. In short cartoons you will hear how simple phrases sound in live English speech. In addition, you will get a basic knowledge of English grammar, hear how this or that rule is applied in practice.

EnglishCentral Here you can not only watch cartoons or trailers for them with subtitles, but also learn new words that you met in the video. Register on the site (it's free) and do it with pleasure. Please note: all the videos are short, so the resource is ideal for even the busiest people.

Multimedia-English This site presents the most famous cartoons in English: Peppa Pig, Charlie and Lola, Winnie the Pooh, etc. Language speakers who teach English are advised to watch these videos for training, considering them a model of classical English. However, lovers of modern cartoons with a good level of language skills can find here and completely new cartoons. All videos are subtitled.

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