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How to Make Summer More Pleasant in the Office


Summer is a time of vacations. However, what to do if you need to stay at the office? We have some interesting ideas, how to make your summer at work more colourful.

1. Refresh your office desk.

It is a well-known fact that colour influence our mood. Why not to make your working table brighter? Put the flowers here; add colourful photo frames or small suitable decorations. 2. Drink more water.

During hot summer period, we lose more liquid. Do not forget about a glass of fresh cool water. You can diversify it with adding of various fruits and berries. 3. Try to make your summer schedule If you are not bound to the strict working hours, try to restructure it. For example, come to the office earlier, when it is not so hot outside and go back home earlier for an hour to make pleasant summer evenings free. 4. Add flowerpots

This is another way to refresh your office desk. Just add a little bit more greenery. 5. Walk during a lunch hour

Try to go for a walk and breathe fresh air during the lunch hours. A walk along the park will help to add some activity to your working schedule. 6. Change the familiar way to the office.

Another variant for the additional walks is a morning before work. Plan your road such way to have an opportunity for walking a little bit before you reach the office.

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