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How to read books correctly. This is also an art!


Many well-known figures admit that reading played an important role on their way to success. Read some pieces of advice.

Allocate enough time to read Perhaps you've already heard about the rule of "five hours a week" or "30 pages a day." But this is the minimum. American businessman and one of the largest investors in the world, Warren Buffett spends about five hours a day reading newspapers and reads about 500 pages of financial documents every day.

Do not concentrate only on fiction Fiction is wonderful, and of course it can teach you a lot. But if we are talking about applied knowledge, then the genre of non-fiction will be much more effective.

Set yourself for goals and deadlines A popular enemy of systematic reading is a lack of discipline. To cope with this promise will help to read a certain number of books in a given period of time. The most famous example is the personal release of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg entitled A Year of Books.

Zuckerberg set the goal of reading the book every two weeks throughout 2015, focusing on the study of different cultures, stories, beliefs and technologies. The action was successful: Mark not only successfully completed the challenge, but also motivated thousands of people to read these books and read in general.

Love reading American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey said more than once about how books supported her in difficult moments of life. It was love of reading that enabled her to get education, get out of the ghetto of the city of Milwaukee and become one of the most influential figures on American television.

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