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Usually all the tips revolve around how to sit less and move more. However, no less important is how and on what we sit. One of the main problems arising from prolonged sitting at the computer is not hypodynamia, but stoop.

Why do we stoop It turns out that any chair with a horizontal seat prevents the body from taking a physiological position. Due to the length of the hip lying on the horizontal surface of the chair, a moment of rotation appears in the pelvis. Pelvis tends to stray back, the waist is rounded, and we stoop. This is natural, and it's not our fault, but our chairs.

As a result of the rounding of the waist, the load on the intervertebral discs increases 10-11 times. Physiological sitting In the 70s in Europe, doctors wondered why children swing on chairs. It turned out that when the seat is tilted, the pelvis and spine assume a natural position. Then began the development of chairs with an inclined seat. So that a person does not slide down from them, the construction was supplemented with a knee stop and was called a "kneeling chair". Such chairs are also called orthopedic chairs: they are indispensable for those people who already had serious back pain from sedentary work.

Of course, no orthopedic chair does not guarantee health. But to achieve the result, it is very important not only to add usefulness to your life, for example physical exertion, but also to eliminate the main harmful factors. For example, replace the usual chairs, which every day stealthily steal the resources of our body.

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