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Everyone knows the theory about the right and left hemispheres of the brain, according to which the right side is responsible for rationality, and the left side is responsible for the creative principle.

The adult person lives on autopilot in many respects and takes the majority of decisions, proceeding from the experience, the data known to it and cultural features. Children do intuitively, they are not afraid to experiment with objects and forms.

How not to miss a good idea Ideas can illuminate you at any time, but most often they come when we are most relaxed. Everyone has such situations, when new solutions come as if by themselves. Someone starts to invent something new, driving a car, someone while playing sports or meditating.

Why it is necessary to overcome fear Fear was always very important feeling for survival. But often it slows down the creative process. Therefore, we can remain silent at the meeting and not express any idea, deciding to dwell on the option, approved by the rest. We are afraid to stand out among colleagues or friends.

There may be another fear, fear of success. We doubt ourselves, our strengths, that we can maintain a given level. We are afraid that we will not have enough knowledge or skills to translate an ambitious idea into reality.

With regard to creativity, fear of failure can stop us. Do you remember when the last time you decided not to take risks and again went along the well-known path? Why did you do this? The consequences were real? You can make your life brighter, so let’s go !

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