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How to Travel Almost for Free?


All of us probably always want to see something new, to find new friends and find out about different cultures. All this we can get during travelling. However, not everybody has an opportunity to travel a lot. Mostly, it is because of money. Some journeys can be very expensive. Nevertheless, you are full of energy and you want to see the world. What to do then? We will tell you, how people can travel without spending a lot of money.

1. The main goal of this source is to make travelling accessible for all people. Using this website you can easily find a room for spending the night for free. 2. Turtle Teams. This is a name of thousands of groups all over the world that help sea turtles, which are disappearing. You can also become a member of this team. More information и 3. Conservation Volunteers, Australia and New Zealand. This is also the public volunteer team that gives an opportunity to travel while you will be occupied with the environmental protection and development of the eco-tourism.

6. Trip Leader for HF Holidays, Europe. This is one of the most popular European organisations that arrange hiking for all the volunteers. 7. Help Exchange. This is a website with the list of all the people around the world, who need help: on the farm, at the school, in the garden etc. 8. Peace Corps.It is a unique chance to live and work in the foreign country in different fields.

9. United Nations Volunteers. This is the organization of volunteers, who take care of other people after natural disasters and other accidents. 10. WWOOF. This organization gives an opportunity to work on the farm or on the field. The farmers provide you with the separate room, meals and some money. You may choose by your own, where, when and to whom you will go. There are 53 countries taking part in the program.

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