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For many, the standard job week is a lack of time. For others, such job is only a means to an end. In free hours they are looking for additional sources of income and are engaged in really interesting projects. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it may seem, especially when you have at your disposal a whole arsenal of special programs, applications and communities to help small businesses.

Regardless of whether you just need additional income or you want to get into entrepreneurs, work-in-time must fit into your life without affecting the eight-hour working day. Here are ways to make this possible.

1. Have realistic goals If you write in your spare time, then force yourself to write a certain number of pages every day. If you are trying to start a business, schedule for yourself a week a certain number of contacts that you need to contact or products you need to create.

2. Stick to the rhythm Planning your working hours is one of the most important life skills. Understanding what you are spending your time on - and how much it is going away - is the key to successful coordination of work and earnings.

3. Find Support It is not easy to deal with two full-fledged affairs, here you need reliable support. If you have children, arrange with someone from relatives or close friends who are ready to take them to their home for several hours at least once a month. The liberated time can be used to remove the loose ends and prepare for the coming month.

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