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Incredibly Unique House on the Flank of Hill


Nowadays there are a lot of interesting buildings and interiors around us. The architecture and design fields are prospering now. More and more people want to live or work in the beautiful houses with unusual and comfortable interiors.

This incredibly unique and whimsical building is located on the flank of the hill in Spain. A young married couple bought a constructible surface here with the flank of more than 45 grades. A project of the house was developed by architects of the «GilBartolome Architects» studio. Outside this building looks like a muzzle of some whimsical animal. But inside the house has a wonderful interior with numerous interesting details.

The whole inner space is based inside the flank. Outside we can see a front of the house with a wavy roof of zinc tile and interesting balconies with a sea view.

Would you like to live in such a house?

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