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Most of the people consider many dishes like pizza or fried meat as a junk food. But according to some experts, it is not true. Indeed, this meal can be health-giving. We prepared a list of such products and meals, which are considered as unhealthy, but in fact, it is vice versa. 1. Chocolate

Most people consider chocolate as unhealthy sweetness, because of sugar and a large number of calories. Indeed, dark chocolate is not junk, it contains a lot of antioxidants, magnesium and flavonols, which help to decrease the blood pressure. 2. Dried beef

This meal is a clear protein, which helps to stay energetic and cheerful without increase of blood sugar. The only thing is to control the salt in the dish. 3. Red meat

Red meat was considered as a food that leads to cancer, stroke and cardio-vascular conditions. Indeed, there is no scientific confirmation about the direct connection between red meat and those diseases. Red meat contains easily digestible vitamin D, which is healthy for the bones and zinc that is better digested, than in vegetables. 4. Beer

This beverage effects positive upon the digestive system and prevents the cancer development. The hop has also antiphlogistic features. However, it is important to drink small dozes. 5. Pizza

This food is also health-giving, but it depends upon the ingredients of the pastry and filling. For example, vegetarian pizza with the cheese has a lot of vitamins and calcium. 6. Bacon

The bacon is full of the protein and has less saturated fats than beef. Besides, it contains choline, which helps to keep our brain healthy and fatty acids as Omega-3, which prevent the cardio-vascular conditions. 7. Pop-corn

This food is very health-giving. It contains a lot of cellulose and antioxidants. But people should not mix it with salt, sugar or butter. 8. Crackers

This kind of the cookies contains no sugar and is made from the special flour. So its harmfulness is exaggerated. 9. Ketchup

This product seems to be junk, but it is health-giving, because of containing lycopene. Researchers say that this antioxidant decreases the risk of the cardio-vascular conditions. 10. Sushi

This food is rich in the proteins and Omega-3, which are important for the brain activity and have the antiphlogistic features.

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