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The rest is a necessary thing during the working day. All employers agree with it. So lunch takes place everywhere. But there are some rules and habits of having lunch in different countries. 3-hour siesta in Spain

The habit of having daily rest for 3 hours is kept until nowadays. But not all people take a nap at this time. Only 16% of Spanish population like to sleep in the afternoon. Usually, Spanish working day begins at 9:00 and lasts until 14:00, then starts a lunch till 17:00 and the whole working day ends at 20:00. Now Spanish government is going to change the schedule of the employees. According to the new order, people will finish their work at 18:00. Sex-break in Switzerland

In this country, the local government suggested a paid break for making love. According to the Swiss experts, such a thing will make a partnership stronger. Besides, Swiss couples spend a few time together, so it will be a great opportunity to meet each other during lunch-hour. Sleeping break in Japan

Japanese employers allow their staff to take a nap for 30 minutes between 13:00 and 16:00. Such a method is considered as a good idea because rested employee works better and more productive than sleepy one. The only thing is that the staff may take a nap only at the office, it is called «Inemuri» in Japan. 2-hour lunch in China

A food taking is a very important event here during the working day. Chinese employees have a 2-hour lunch, which starts at 12:00. But it is not just a coffee-break with a sandwich. There is usually an office canteen in companies. There people can have a full lunch consisting at least of 3 dishes. Faster and cheaper in the USA

Unlike China, in the USA a food taking is not so important. Here people are used to spending more time with work to earn more money. Usually, employees have a lunch directly at their working place. It lasts only a few minutes. Such a lunch includes a sandwich, crisps and fizzy water. 30-minute break in Germany

The official time for lunch here is 30 minutes. However, a worker may choose the time of start/end of the lunch by his own. In Germany, it is more important, if the worker does his job for 8 hours per day. So people here may decide to take a break or refuse of it and at the end of the day to go home earlier.

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