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Maldives: The Restaurant Under The Water


The most unusual restaurant Subsix was opened in Maldives in hotel complex Per Aquum Niyama. This restaurant is very unusual because it is located under the water. Such an eccentric idea attracts a lot of visitors, which would like to admire the submarine universe without any special equipment. In addition you can try delicious international cuisine there for reasonable prices.

The whole interior of restaurant is made in marine style. There are a lot of specific details. Thus, the ceiling is decorated with light transparent seashells Capiz, which look like waving seaweed. All furniture, including tables and bar made from glass, reminds of big seashells and has a reflective effect. Chairs are decorated with a special soft pile, which looks like seaweed.

In addition to such a beautiful interior Subsix has a special lighting, which can change like natural one during the day. The colors shimmer from light lavender tint to the rich Indian blue color.

For sure the most interesting places locate near the glass walls. If you look through such a wall you can see the beauty of underwater reefs and different fish, which scurry about here and there. So if you ever wanted to have lunch under the water, visit the restaurant Subsix and feel yourself like Poseidon!

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