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Modern Design for Pets: Stylish Cat’s Furniture


Cats are our little cute friends, which need love and care like kids. Every cat owner knows that these beautiful creatures love cozy and safe places. They always look for somewhere to hide. So loving owners buy for them comfortable cat houses.

Nowadays there are many companies that produce modern cat furniture. Designers can create such a house any form and colour with different toys and scratch boards. Thus, lovely pets like unusual but practical furniture from Modernist Cat, AttomicAttic, Loyal Luxe and others. They develop different types of pet’s furniture, but every item is stylish and will be suitable for every interior. For example, AttomicAttic creates vintage furniture with soft pillows and bright prints.

Fluffy friends will like these nice cozy houses. Further, you will find out about various types of design cat furniture. 1. Cat Hammock. It is a soft chase-longue with different types of fastening, which allow putting such a house everywhere. For example, under an arm-chair, table or chair.

2. Stove-bench. It is a simple but at the same time soft and comfortable furniture for cats. It can be like a box or basket various colours.

3. Cat Cabin. We all know how cats like cardboard boxes. Loyal Luxe developed several types of cardboard cabins for cats. The most famous are Cat Teepee Houses.

4. Cat’s Sofas and Beds. There are tiny imitations of usual home furniture, which were developed for cats. Your fluffy friend can feel itself like a natural aristocrat on such a bed.

5. Built-In Houses. There are various types of furniture with built-in places for pets. It can be tables, bedside-tables, shelves and others. It is a very comfortable option for small spaced flats. Such an item will perfectly decorate your house without any doubts.

6. Playing Complex. It is a large construction with various cabins, shelves, scratch boards and toys. Such buildings take much space, so it will be suitable for spacious accommodation.

Prices for such beautiful pieces of art are various and depend upon a producer. Anyway, our little pets deserve to live in comfort and warmth.

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