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You must have heard a lot about Italians who are considered the best lovers or Argentinians who made up tango hundred years ago. In fact, many stereotypes do not correspond the reality and you will definitely be surprised how are the things in real life.

Colombia is homeland to cocaine and violence

Colombia lost this status in 2013 and since the Peru is considered the biggest cocaine producer. Moreover, such countries like USA, Argentina, Chile, Canada and Spain consume much more drugs than in Colombia. When it comes to violence, the situation has changed for the last couple of years. It is true that the war has exhausted the country for the last 50 years. However, governmental negotiations have soften the situation and now things became better.

French are best cooks and hate Americans

According to recent survey, there are just 9 countries that have better attitude to the US than the French do. Three-quarter of French love American culture unlike 66% of Japanese or 51% of Germans. French cuisine is far not the most delicious in the world. What is more, fast-food cafes give more income than fancy restaurants in France.

Greeks are lazy while Germans work all the time

In 2012, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published a report describing how many working hours each country has. Although South Korea took the first place, the European countries led by Greece have an average of 2017 hours worked per person per year. But Germany, on the contrary, was at the bottom: German workers on average work for 1408 hours per year. However, it doesn’t mean that Germans do not deserve extra days off. According to the report, they occupy one of the leading places in terms of productivity, Greece on this indicator was among the last.

In the Netherlands they smoke weed all the time

In fact, they do not. Among the European countries where marijuana is legal, the Netherlands take the last place in weed smokers. And in comparison with other countries in Europe, there are practically no dependent people here.

Irish drink hard

We will not argue that the average Irishman does not drink alcohol. But the Irish consume as much alcohol the average Luxembourger, for example. In 2014, the Wall Street Journal carried a survey on the amount of alcohol consumed in different countries. With its 11.9 liters per capita per year, Ireland did not even hit the Top 20.

Spanish adore corrida

Many people in Spain consider corrida cruel and violent. The survey of the El Pais newspaper in 2010 showed that 60% of Spaniards are categorically against this sport, only 37% refer to it positively. Although according to the same newspaper, most of them are still against the abolition of such entertainment.

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