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My experience of buying a coffee machine


I adore coffee. I admit that I am coffee addicted. Therefore, I decided to make a present to myself and buy my own coffee machine. I brought the box with my new friend home but I was not ready to take a chance and turn it on. The instruction that came with the machine made me feel fear and panic ‘cause it seemed too long and too complicated. Few days later I said to myself: “Come on, you payed for it!”

Ok, I am an engineer with 6-year experience - I definitely can handle this. So naive! Just to draw you the whole picture of this “coffee disaster”: it’s been two days and I haven’t had a cup of coffee yet. Why not? I will tell you what happened. First of all, it talks all the time...well, actually shows messages on display. I press all the buttons and he says to wait. Ok..I am not in a hurry.Then I hear bubbling. Within few minutes he asks me to pick coffee drink. I want extra strong black coffee for two cups, please. “Please reduce the amount of coffee”, he says. Well, thank you for taking care of me but I need extra strong black coffee for 2 cups. Within a minute: “Please, pick the right grind”. What?! Is that a quiz or something? I have to guess which gring is “correct”? Anyway I took the instruction from the box and found grinding adjustment page. I had carefully read the instructions and adjusted grid. Press the button. “Pour water”, he suggests. Ok, as you wish. Btw, I am not even asking you what you did to the water that I have already filled in. “Give me the coffee”, I whispered when pressing the button. I am seriously - I whispered! “Please, wash the cup”. How has this stupid machine defined that the cup is dirty? I swear it is clean - I washed it with soap! I read the instruction again and pressed the button. “Choose coffee drink”, - I’ll take cappuccino. He offers me two options:”More coffee less foam” and “Less coffee more foam”. Seriously? I DO NOT CARE! Just give me my coffee! Bubbling again. “Wash the cup”, he said. My cup is clean. I am clean. My pants are clean. What do you want from me? Just give me my coffee!!! So I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with clean cup in my new clean pants and waiting for the water in the kettle to boil. I will have tea....if my kettle doesn’t mind, of course.

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