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We all know a lot about sports. We think that we know. For example, that sport helps to cope with stress, get rid of excess weight and low self-esteem. But there are many different myths around the sport, we'll talk about the most common of them in our article.

Myth 1. To keep your body toned, 1-2 workouts a week are sufficient. Experts argue that to achieve the result you need to visit the fitness room at least 3 times a week. Of course, the ideal option will be to deal with every day. But you can replace the hikes in the gym with a simple walk. Myth 2. It is best to train in the morning. This is not true. Just take the rule of starting training at about the same time. Teach yourself daily to give the body at least the minimum physical activity. For someone, the ideal option is to run around the park in the morning, for someone to train late at night.

Myth 3. Exercises with free weight will help to turn fat into muscles. If you like doing dumbbells, this does not mean that kilograms will go away faster. But, doing, with dumbbells, you can increase muscle mass. If your goal is to get rid of fat, then you will get special nutrition. Myth 4. After training, you need to stretch, so that the body quickly recovered, and the muscles were beautiful. Scientists have done research and found out that between those who did the stretching, and who neglected this action, there is no difference. Stretch after training is recommended, only for the beauty of the joints.

Myth 5. Sports use helps to get rid of excess weight. Be sure that if you ate too much junk food for dinner, you can not get rid of it during the morning exercise. For weight loss, just eat right. Well, the last myth. More time for training is better.

It is necessary to give the body time to rest after exercise. If you visit the fitness room on a daily basis, rest assured that you will be overworked. And your muscles will not have time to recover. In all the measure is needed.

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