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The story of Emile Leray, french mechanic, happened in 1993 when he was traveling in the west of North Africa. Since his route laid through the Sahara he realized that he would need a reliable car. Emile had already traveled far away but his time he decided to choose a small car with low petrol usage. This was Citroen 2CV.

He started his trip from Tan-Tan, Morocco and was going to cross Western Sahara. However, his trip was interrupted by customs control which demanded higher security measures and forced him to drive back. Moreover, they insisted on giving a ride to a stranger! Emile managed to reject this offer leaning on the insurance policy which didn’t let him to take passengers. Nevertheless, he had to listen to the officers and drive backwards. But he was not going to change his plans about the trip, so he decided to look for other ways to move on. Soon the roads became harder to drive when suddenly his tiny car broke down. Emile realized that the nearest village is 20 miles away and it would be too dangerous to go by foot. He counted that he had food and water for 10 days. Therefore, he decided to build another transport with the help of the parts that he could get from Citroen.

Due to his mechanic skills and experience of working as electrician he managed to build a motorcycle. He could speed up to 12 mph what allowed him to get to the closest village. It took 12 days for Emile to build it! Unfortunately, when he was stopped by the police who fined him for driving unregistered mean of transport. Emile Leray has been keeping his motorcycle for 24 years now which reminds him how it saved his life.

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