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Ordinary Things, Which Are Incredibly Expensive


There are a lot of different shops and supermarkets around us. Modern marketing can offer nowadays everything you could to buy. There are tonnes of the items for different tastes and demands on store shelves. However, the rich people buy ordinary things in the luxury shops. Correspondingly such ordinary luxury things are not cheap.

We prepared the most common things, which are very expensive. You will be surprised. Tooth-paste - $ 99,99USD

This usual toothpaste by Theodent contains a component Rennou. Thank this component the toothpaste works immediately: it protects and strengthens the teeth. Toilet seat - $ 299,95USD

This toilet seat was made by hand from the carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber Gear Company produces such an accessory in the limited edition. Wool socks - $ 1 188USD

These wool socks were made by the FALKE company. The secret is that a wool of vicugna was used for these socks. There are only 10 pairs of such socks in the world. Kitchen-knife - $ 5 415USD

The knife was produced the Nesmuk company. Knife beam is made of the carbon steel, the hand of the knife is made of the Karelian birch and the basis of the hand is made of the silver. Pencil - $ 13 400USD

German company Faber-Castell made an ordinary pencil. But the secret is that it is decorated with the white gold with 3 diamonds. Razor - $ 100 000USD

Zafirro Company produced a razor, the hand of which is made of the metal from a meteorite, the blade of the sapphire with the bolts of platinum. Would you like to buy this beauty? Toilet paper - $ 1 558 335USD

The Toilet Paper Man Company made a toilet paper of the 24-carat gold. A bottle of champagne is a gift from the company. You can celebrate your purchase just at the same moment.

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