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Have you ever noticed that pets are very like to their owner? It’s true not only about nutritional habits but also about their appearances.

Is there some reason why people choose pets similar to them? Or why do the pets obtain the same habits as their owners do?

Michael Roy, the researcher of the University of California in San Diego, the USA, was one of the first psychologists who has tried to find the answers. It appeared that the long-haired women, for example, prefer dogs with long, trailing ears, and the stout persons often choose dogs with excess weight.

However, sometimes similarity is shown in some small details such, for example, as the eye shape.

Such similarity appears only in that case when there is the harmony between the human and the pets.

Owners and their pets aspire toward to each other and want to be similar to each other. Dogs and cats share and radiate positive spirit; they do our life brighter and more interesting.

Choosing a pet, the person subconsciously looks for that animal which is close to him or her. But at the same time in some way, the pets bring up their owners.

And even if it seems to you that your pet is not similar to you, don’t worry. First of all, your cat or dog is your friend. It feels your emotional condition and gives you the support and care.

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