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Sweetness for Eyes: Museum of Ice-Cream


Why children love summer very much? There are two reasons: summer holidays and capability to eat a lot of ice-cream. But you know what, there are also a lot of adults, who love ice-cream.

The inhabitants of Los Angeles are very lucky at all. They have summer throughout the year and here the Ice-Cream Museum is opened. It is the real sweetness for eyes!

As you know there are a lot of whimsical and unusual museums all around the world. The new one in Los Angeles is really exotic and bright. Here you will not find out a lot of new information, but visiting the museum you will raise your mood and get tonnes of positive emotions.

The whole museum consists of 10 various art installations devoted to the ice-cream. They all are very creative and attractive. In addition, all the visitors may taste several samples of some displays. The tickets cost $29USD for adults and $18USD for kids. It is pretty expensive, but the price does not stop the museum to attract its visitors. Only during two hours, all tickets for May were sold.

As for the interior, the museum looks very colourful inside. Every room is coloured in bright sweet colours. Besides, the visitors can here not only admire the displays but also jump on the trampoline, sit under the giant choc-ice, “water” the mint plants and dive into a pool with the real confectionary powder.

At the present moment, people consider the museum as “the main place for pictures on Instagram”. Even the waterfront and Hollywood inscription are not already very popular for now.

The authorities of the museum said that the major idea of such an institution is to raise the mood of the visitors. It really works, because entered this sweet house you cannot be sad anymore.

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