Spirituality as the New Fascism

The Worrying Trend Emerging out of the New Age Movement What is Fascism? Fascism is not confined within political gates…

3 days ago

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world is currently expecting the next wave of infection, chaos is starting to prevail. Never would have anyone…

3 days ago

Reopening schools and colleges: A wise decision?

Educational institutes in various parts of the world have been closed for a long time now. Reopening of Schools and…

4 days ago

Coronavirus: Could Scotland have responded quicker?

The Scottish Government Response to Coronavirus Stop anyone in the street right now, and ask:  'What are your thoughts towards…

1 week ago

Trump says US reopening, ‘vaccine or no vaccine’

US President Donald Trump has likened the race to produce the COVID-19 vaccine to the race to produce first nuclear…

2 weeks ago

The Melancholy of Migrating Labors: India

1st May celebrated as International Labour Day, this year was celebrated at a time when about 400 million employees are…

2 weeks ago

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask

The Coronavirus Pandemic has raised consciousness regarding preventive measures in containing the virus. Without the pharmaceutical measure, such as a…

2 weeks ago

Rise in Domestic abuse amid the Coronavirus crises

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, the world champion boxer, Billy Joe Saunders decided to share his video where he used a…

2 weeks ago

The Unfortunate Correlation between Race and Covid 19

Recent statistics have found black people to be almost four times as likely to die of Covid 19.

2 weeks ago

Boris Johnson Announces ‘COVID Alert System’

British prime minister Boris Johnson has announced certain tweaks to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The government's message of 'Stay At…

2 weeks ago

Unforeseen Beneficiary of Lockdown: Reviving Nature

There is an incredible discovery amid global lockdown due to pandemic which has already shaken up the world. With factories…

3 weeks ago

What is the New Norm?

A look at how easing lockdown in the UK might look In the UK, we are in our 7th week…

3 weeks ago

The Shrinking Global Economy, Back-up Plans?

In early March, the Institution for International Finance pre-assumed that due to COVID-19; the global economy will face a steep…

3 weeks ago

China virus- Anti Chinese backlash by the Trump administration

US president Trump likes to call it the “Chinese Virus.” Earlier this year, President Trump lauded the efforts of the…

3 weeks ago

Has western concept of democracy succeeded in controlling the coronavirus pandemic?

Listed by the WHO as a pandemic, the Coronavirus has put over 3 million lives in danger. Questioning the principles…

3 weeks ago

Is it Right to Hold China Accountable for Covid 19?

Global speculation into China's role in this pandemic Let me make one thing clear, I do not believe that Covid…

4 weeks ago

Please sir, can we have some doe? The living nightmare of internationals in Australia.

Temporary visa holders and all internationals living in Australia, face up to receiving no hardship; despite having lost their jobs…

4 weeks ago

The Differing Perspectives of Europe Towards Covid 19

Coronavirus has ripped through the streets of Britain like Bloody Sunday, except the numbers are even greater. One report in…

1 month ago

Who to Furlough and Who Not to Furlough? That is the Question.

The tricky business of who needs financial help Many of us in the U.K will now be on the government’s…

1 month ago

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