Is history repeating itself with the current pandemic?

History is often a cycle. As the centuries pass, history fades from human memory. Thus, we either learn from our…

17 hours ago

Food Scarcity: The Pitfall Beneath Pandemic

With the world facing food scarcity, the global pandemic has once again shown the fragile food chain of the world.…

2 days ago

Alarming Rise Of Coronavirus Cases In Russia

The United States of America and Russia are again at the top of a list of coronavirus infections, but neither…

6 days ago

Effects Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Ramadan 2020

Ramadan 2020 will be celebrated like no other owing to the effects of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. History have it…

3 weeks ago

Protests Against Government Measure In The US

Hundreds of faces without masks would be a frightening sight for a lot of people these days, but that is…

4 weeks ago

Italy Announces Gradual Easing Of COVID-19 Lockdown

Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte has promised his fellow citizens this past Sunday that they would soon be able…

4 weeks ago

What does Covid 19 Mean for Refugees?

Refugees are welcome…but not all may be well. Nearly half of a refugee camp in Ellwangen, Germany test positive for…

1 month ago

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