Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Tag: global recession

Coronavirus Is an Economic Catastrophe

As the cases and deaths by coronavirus rise with every passing day, the global economy continues to suffer. We are half-way through...

The Shrinking Global Economy, Back-up Plans?

In early March, the Institution for International Finance pre-assumed that due to COVID-19; the global economy will face a steep fall of...

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Will United States Ever go to War With China?

US conflict with China arrived at hazardous statures after Washington suddenly requested the close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. China in...

Here What’s Happening in Nigeria and Why #EndSARS Matters

#EndSARS #EndBadGovernance #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria,  These hashtag trends have grappled the Nigerian social media as...

Dr. Anthony Fauci Not Advocating For A National Lockdown

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that things would have to get "really, really bad" for him to advocate for a national lockdown.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Re-elected In A Historic Win

Jacinda Ardern has won a second term as New Zealand's Prime Minister after a landslide victory due to her handling of COVID-19 outbreak.